Our organism is regulated by an involuntary system, defined autonomous, which has the task of managing the fundamental functions of the human body in order to maintain a balance, which is called homeostasis. Any stimulus coming from the external environment can "destroy" this balance. The task of the autonomic nervous system is to restore it, to allow us to survive. Defining a field, or that of sport and if we want well-being, we find ourselves arguing with the same principles as above. The concept repeated several times in previous articles is of a disarming simplicity, that is, trained, recovers, trained, recovers ... competes, performs, repeats. The cycle is simple (I refer you to this article on functional hierarchies, to deepen the topic). Unfortunately for us we can not escape from these concepts or become our friends, or we are destined to take tortuous roads and where the injury or a poor performance, waiting around the corner! When we train a lot of systems go into "tilt" and need to recover, for example the muscles, which are often rigid and painful, the heart system, the internal organs appointed to manage the metabolic aspects (kidneys, liver, pancreas), the system lymphatic that must transport waste and toxins, the respiratory apparatus, to list some of them. It often happens that we train or compete without having fully recovered, in a condition of limbo, where the autonomous system, the one that regulates everything, is still struggling with the work of "restructuring", this can be a big problem, because in this phase we access further resources, which will result in a slowdown of many processes. The task of every trainer or coach is to know these concepts, apply them and give the correct advice or suggestions, to optimize the return to homeostasis.

The concept is to move from a phase of "Fight or Flight", where the system "mobilizes", to a quiet one, defined by Stephen Porges as "Social Engagement". The activations that last over time, are experienced by our organism as "a danger to life" and therefore will implement protective strategies to preserve energy, such as metabolic slowing, inhibition of the activity of internal organs and the immune and hormonal system (FREEZE ), with psychological consequences. In short, the "OFF" switch is activated. The "WE ARE CLOSED" sign, heads over everything. In short, training can cause a "tilt" of the system, which becomes paralyzed, to prevent further damage. Keep in mind that all this is out of our will. Who wants, at all costs, to propose solutions with further training stimuli, has not fully understood these basic concepts. Imagine what happens if this condition is prolonged over time. Prevention and injury, the inability to be prestative, depend on what has been said so far, remember it the next time you train!

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